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Our Services

MOZ & Partners services can be defined in the following 4 main categories:

Architectural renders

We create stunning, cinematic imagery to help clients secure approvals, engage communities and inspire buyers.

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CGI animation

Dynamic movement can bring spaces to life in an engaging way.

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MOZ & Partners films combine live vision and CGI animation to tell a story.

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3D WalkTrough | 360° Render | VR

We create immersive VR walkthroughs to bring interior design and views to life to support the sales process.

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why choose us?


We are a visualization studio with 15+ years of experience in the architectural visualization industry. No matter what 3D modeling and rendering services you choose, your project will always be handled with the upmost professionalism and care. Working with MOZ means that quality is guaranteed, and it will never be compromised.


By quantity, we mean the amount of work we can take on and still handle it efficiently and within a reasonable timeframe. Our team consists of 10+ experts, divided into teams which enables us to take on several bigger projects with ease, without having time difficulties, meeting deadlines and still providing the best possible quality.


During the years of developing MOZ, we focused on establishing a flawless and efficient communication flow with our clients. We can ensure that there will be no miscommunication or information loss during the delivery process.


Besides working with high accuracy and attention to details, proving the best price/quality ratio is our top priority. We always strive to secure the fastest possible turnaround, this makes us unique and differentiates us from our competitors.

Our Loyalty Customer

Over the past 5 years of our operations, many satisfied clients gave us their trust. MOZ & Partners thrive to extremely satisfied customers at the end.

Our latest projects

Our people are practiced in the art of making architectural designs come to life through meticulous and photorealistic 3D visualizations. We have helped many clients secure approvals, engage communities and inspire buyers

clients said about us

Very outstanding 3Ds Rendering work for property developer and architecture field

Sverre Dalhaug

Dalhaug Bygg AS

This is an enthusiastic and professional studio !

Susanne Holt Hulsman

Eiendomsmegler vest

MOZ always delivers project on time, price and quality! We are very pleased with the cooperation.

Perihan Sharaf



We are a group of different people from computer- generated imagery background and expertise with more than 15 years of architecture visualization experience who are thriving to provide high-quality human resources for the industry. Standing on this belief we aim to be the first international standard architectural visualization training center in Cambodia.

Our mission to provide not only the teaching basic knowledge, we also focus on developing aesthetic thinking to improve combat ability so student can confidently step into the industry

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